Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) expands upon the team-based action gameplay that it pioneered when it was launched 19 years ago. CS: GO features new maps, characters, weapons, and game modes, and delivers updated versions of the classic CS content (de_dust2, etc.).

Counter-Strike on pääosin Valve Corporationin kehittämä ja julkaisema taktinen ensimmäisen persoonan ammuntapelisarja, jonka ensimmäinen osa Counter-Strike julkaistiin vuonna 2000. Pelisarja alkoi alun perin Minh ”Gooseman” Lin ja Jesse ”Cliffe” Cliffen luomana Half-Life-pelin modina.

Peli asettaa kaksi joukkuetta vastakkain: terroristit ja vastaterroristit. Molempien joukkueiden tavoitteena on eliminoida vastapuoli, sekä joko vahingoittaa tai suojella pelimuodosta riippuvaa kohdetta. Yhteensä pelimuotoja on yhdeksän, jokaista yhdistäen kuitenkin yhteiset tavoitteet: vastapuolen eliminointi tai pelimuodosta riippuvan tavoitteen suorittaminen.

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News from HLTV

  • After two long years, the Major has finally returned. Join us for the next two weeks as 24 teams battle for their share of a $2,000,000 prize pool and the chance to be crowned CS:GO’s next Major Champion! There’s still time to support your favorite teams at the Major by picking up a Viewer Pass […]
  • The 2021 Stockholm Major is almost here and you can start supporting your favorite teams now! The 2021 Viewer Pass, Team Sticker Capsules, and Team Patch Packs are now available for purchase. 50% of the proceeds go to the teams and organizations taking part in the 2021 Stockholm Major. Viewer Pass With a Viewer Pass, […]
  • Today we are shipping a new Music Kit from bbno$ featuring the song “u mad!” from his new album “eat ya veggies”—out tomorrow! So eat ya veggies and pick up the new bbno$ Music Kit in standard or StatTrak versions, available now!
  • Introducing Operation Riptide, featuring new maps, an overhauled mission system, new ways to play your favorite game modes–from Private Queues to shorter Competitive matches–and more! Complete your weekly missions and choose from a variety of rewards including new agents, weapon collections, stickers, and patches. Dive into Operation Riptide!
  • Today we are shipping the 2021 Community Sticker Capsule, featuring 21 unique stickers from various Community Workshop artists. Whether you are trying to make it look “EZ” or telling your teammates “This Is Fine”, there’s a sticker for everyone.
  • Today we’re shipping the Tacticians Music Kit box, featuring six new Music Kits from Austin Wintory, Chipzel, Jesse Harlin, Laura Shigihara, Leonard Paul (Freaky DNA) and Sarah Schachner. There’s no better tactic than sharing your new MVP anthem with the rest of the server!
  • On July 22nd we are launching the $1 Million Dreams & Nightmares Workshop Contest. We are looking for 10 original dream or nightmare-themed weapon finishes for CS:GO. Each of the 10 winning entries will earn $100,000. Beyond submitting your original weapon finish to the CS:GO Workshop, all you need to enter is a non-limited Steam […]
  • CS:GO went free to play over two years ago and is still going strong. We see new players entering CS:GO all the time, and it’s as important as ever that anyone in the world can pick up and play the game for free. Along with all the gameplay that we made available for free, new […]
  • Today Operation Broken Fang comes to an end, but some of its more popular features will live on. Note that if you have unspent stars, you will have until May 15th to spend them, after which they will expire. Premier Competitive and Retakes were popular and are sticking around. Premier Competitive is still an option […]
  • As we enter the 2021 RMR season, we’ve decided to revisit some of our event guidelines. Up until today, players were ineligible to participate in Valve-sponsored events if they had ever received a VAC-ban in CS:GO. These guidelines had not seen an update since the game was new and all CS:GO VAC bans were relatively […]