Top seitsemän kaikkien aikojen kiistanalaisinta Balon d’Or -palkintoa

Toinen Ballon d’Or on tulossa hyvin pian (30. lokakuuta 2023) ja tämän vuoden Ballon d’Orin ympärillä on paljon kiistoja. Monien mielestä palkinnon voittaja on vuotanut…

Are you ready to dive into the newest games and players of esports?

Esports has become one of the most popular and fastest-growing industries in the world. The industry is constantly evolving, with new games and players emerging every day. As a…

Tietokonepelien ja kolikkopelien pelaamisen eroavaisuudet sekä yhtäläisyydet

Jos videopelejä ja nettikasinopelejä verrataan suoraan keskenään, löydetään niistä nopeasti monta perustavanlaatuista eroavaisuutta. Ilmiselvin eroavaisuus on siinä, että…

Suosittuihin videopeleihin perustuvat kasinopelit

Videopelien maailma on viime vuosina yhdistynyt kasinoalalle ja suosittuihin videopeleihin pohjautuvat kasinopelit ovatkin nykyään erittäin suosittuja ja haluttua tarjontaa, joita…

Latvia and Esports and igaming

Latvia has been making strides in both the Latvian Esports and igaming industries in recent years. The country has a strong gaming culture and has developed a reputation as a hub…

The World of Esports – and beyond

Electronic sports (otherwise known as “eSports”) refers to competitive video gaming whereby players (both professional and amateur) belonging in teams compete against each other in…
Team Liquid Renews Global Focus with Three Senior Hires

Team Liquid Renews Global Focus with Three Senior Hires

Team Liquid, a leading worldwide professional esports organization, today announced three new senior appointments: marketing and brand powerhouse Josie Brown as Senior Vice…
Developlus Announces Partnership with Misfits Gaming

Developlus Announces Partnership with Misfits Gaming

The woman-owned, women-led haircare and color corporation, Developlus Inc. is pleased to announce their new partnership with Misfits Gaming Group to promote Splat vibrant hair…

Kairos Group acquires Horizon Union

Gaming media company Kairos Group has acquired Manchester-based gaming and esports organisation Horizon Union. As a result, the organisation will become a part of the Kairos Group…

Trove Becomes Overrun with Heckbugs Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

Hamburg, Germany – February 8th, 2022 – Whether you’re a Trovian that’s currently in love, looking for “the one,” or prefer to be a lone wolf, gamigo invites you to jump…

TFT Gizmos & Gadgets Mid-Set, Neon Nights, comes to PBE and will be live

London, UK – February 1, 2022 – TFT Gizmos & Gadgets’ Neon Nights mid-set update will feature more than 20 new units, three new champion traits, 80 new…

League of Legends: Renata Glasc reveals herself before her arrival on the

London, UK – February 1, 2022 – Renata Glasc, the Chem Baroness, is the 159th champion in League of Legends and will be joining the Rift in Patch 12.4! Introduced as a…


  • Since November, players have been peeking mid and rushing through the waters of Anubis. Today we’re introducing the Anubis Collection, featuring 19 weapon finishes themed around the newest addition to Counter-Strike’s Active Duty map pool. The Anubis Collection is available for purchase now in-game.
  • Today we’re excited to ship the Revolution Case, featuring 17 weapon finishes from community artists and the gloves from the Clutch Case as rare special items. We’re also shipping the Espionage Sticker Capsule, with 21 unique stickers from Steam Workshop artists. Finally, we’re also shipping the Denzel Curry ULTIMATE music kit, featuring Denzel’s hits “Walkin”, […]
  • All ranked-up and ready to go? The all-new 2023 Service Medal will be available starting January 1st! Earn XP by playing in official game modes and rank up your CS:GO Profile. When you reach the Global General (Rank 40), you’ll have the option to reset your Profile Rank and earn (or upgrade) a 2023 Service […]
  • Today’s update includes an adjustment to the Active Duty map pool as well as some weapon adjustments. For starters, we’re making changes to the Active Duty map pool, which will determine which maps get played at the 2023 Paris Major. Anubis is being added to Active Duty and Dust II is being removed. But both […]
  • Over the past two weeks Rio de Janeiro has been the center of Counter-Strike, where 24 of the best teams in the world fought to become IEM Rio Major champions. In the end, only one team was left standing as Outsiders bested Heroic on Mirage and Overpass to secure their first Major championship! To celebrate […]
  • After two unforgettable stages eight teams have survived and advanced to the Champions Stage of the IEM Rio Major. Congratulations to Cloud9, FURIA, Fnatic, Heroic, Outsiders, MOUZ, Natus Vincere, and Team Spirit; they will compete in front of 18,000+ CS:GO fans at the sold out Jeunesse Arena to become Major Champions. Champions Stage matches begin […]
  • Today’s update includes several quality-of-life improvements for storage units, and a bunch of visual adjustments to Rio 2022 team and player stickers. Check them out and let us know what you think! Looking for an easy way to complete your sticker collection while supporting all of the teams and players? Rio 2022 Storage Units are […]
  • The first CS:GO Major in Brazil. Live audiences from start to finish. The IEM Rio Major starts October 31st, are you ready? The IEM Rio Major is fast approaching, and you can show your support–team stickers, player autographs, and the Rio 2022 Viewer Pass are all available for purchase now! 50% of the proceeds go […]

League of Legends

  • The weapons have had some huge changes this season. Car combat is a much bigger factor now, but the best Fortnite weapons are still key. The top guns have plenty of reasons to be carried this season. In a Fortnite Chapter 5 weapons tier list, there’s been a lot of change. This is how things […]
  • The International 2024 qualifiers are coming, and Valve just dropped details on the grandest DOTA 2 tournament of the year. Valve has released the official dates for this year's The International qualifiers. The American developer has also announced the teams invited to participate directly in the event. The International is the world's largest annual esports […]
  • Fabledom adds myth and romance to the city-builder genre. Read more in our 2024 Fabledom Review below. The Indie games category is made of a plethora of incredibly unique titles. Some of these attempt to blend genres, resulting in wild and zany titles. But sometimes you find a hidden gem that reminds you why you […]
  • The Trading Post monthly rewards for June are now here! Take a look at the selection below. It's time for another great set of Trading Post Monthly Rewards. Check them out below, alongside all the information about how to obtain them and a few Q&A questions about the Trading Post. Before we start, let's go […]
  • Zenless Zone Zero released soon and players can already get a headstart by registering their interest in the title. Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ) is the next game from HoYoverse, makers of the popular Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail to name but two. This time, ZZZ takes the “Urban Fantasy ARPG” route, as HoYoverse looks […]